Natural Selection the comedy

We are currently seeking a production company, director and actors to work on our completed screenplay titled “Natural Selection” a comedy action movie concept.

In the future science has perfected the cloning of humans without the need for sperm, thereby eliminating man from the reproduction process.  Because man is no longer needed for reproduction, women no longer have a need for man.  Man in the future is considered worthless and is no longer being reproduced.  Women rule the world now and man has been exiled from society.  Being a man has become a crime and small tribes of male fugitives gather like animals in the wilderness where they plan and plot their retribution against the women in hopes to one day rule the world. The future of mankind is at stake. The male survivors attempt to rebuild and unite so they can restore the world, before all hope for mankind as we know it, is lost.



We are currently seeking a studio, production company and executive producers to option and / or create this movie with us. We understand the need to be flexible in the production process and are willing to be as flexible as needed. We wish to be included in the process as much as possible as a learning process for the many other projectst that we are currently working on and have plans to work on.

*None of the actors depicted here have any association with this movie or Unsolicited Productions. The pictures used for referrence in this illustration is for the sole purpose of sharing the creators vision and the personallity of the characters only. In no way are we trying to suggest that these characters are in this movie or guaranteed parts in the movie. The actors chosen here are chosen by the creators as those felt to be best suited for those roles based on other roles they have played and events that have occured. We are completely open to other actors and in no way quarantee parts to the actors depicted here.